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Brunch at Raisin The Roof Cafe

Rasin The Roof is a health and lifestyle cafe specialising in raw vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free foods and drinks. They are not just about eating healthy yet also about educating, building and enabling a more holistic approach to healthy living.

The avocado toast (RM 20.9+)spread with lemon tahini, topped with avocado slices sweetened topped with a sunny side up egg, tangy pomegranate molasses and adorned with pomegranate jewels. The best combination ever!!!

Brown Rice Sushi Bowl (RM17.9+) is my favourite. Imagine it as a deconstructed sushi, served up with avocado, edamame, sautéed spinach, pomegranate seeds and toasted seaweed, dressed with sweet soy dressing. Simple and delicious.

One of the stand out wraps of Raisin The Roof is the Pistachio Falafel Wrap (RM22.9+).Freshly baked and wrapped in a wholemeal tortilla with roasted beets, grated carrots, lettuce, house- made hummus then drizzled with mint yoghurt. Unbelievably tasty and filling as well.

Last but not least, dessert also full of surprises here. All the sweet treats are made with real food ingredients and unrefined sweeteners. Lots of raw vegan, gluten free and dairy free options. For those who love sweet stuff,this is a must try dessert.

All the food here is healthy natural ingredient yet flavorful ~ Now I really start to believe that "Healthy Food Can Be Tasty"It's time to treat both your body and taste buds right.

Rasin The Roof

Address: Plaza Damansara, No 61 Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damasara, 50490 KL


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