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Churros Royale

Churros is a famous Spanish pastry from Italy and today it is all around the world. Some people call churros as doughnuts and finally we are able to taste the Spanish delicacy at Churros Royale. Here, they only serve the freshest Churros daily made upon order, deep fried with healthy peanut oil to ensure it is fresh, tasty and healthy. It was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

Nowadays, most desert comes with a variety of selection for the topping. After having to try most of the toppings, My preference is still to stick with the traditional dark chocolate sauce but with an addition of rainbow chocolate chip. Totally reminding me of my childhood memories.

Besides dark chocolate, they actually offer other toppings as well such as vanilla, mango, strawberry and lemon.

Churros Mix- with a few range of combination such as marshmallow, con flakes, churros popcorn, chocolate sauce with ice cream.

The Churros Mix -- with few levels of combination marshmallow,conflakes ,churros popcorn,ch Churros

Served on ice cream topping off with cornflakes and chocolate sauce, one of my favourite. P/S: they are on promotion now, RM 12 combo set which comes with a drink as well. Totally value for money!



Contact Details

Pavilion KL (Main Branch)

P1.11.02 Level 1

Berjaya Times Square

k-03-05, 3rd floor

Sunway Putra Mall

Lot 4-69 (Level 4)

Sogo ( KL)

Kiosk no 7, Food Hall


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