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Babe x Cuca - Swig & Nibble

Babe x Cuca - Swig & Nibble was a collaboration between Babe Japas (progressive modernist cuisine and Japanese-inspired Tapas) and Cuca (one of South-east Asia's hottest culinary epicentres) food lovers an off-the-charts collaboration of taste and experience.

We had the privilege to partake in their 2-days only event where we were served 20 magically crafted canapés paired with the perfect wine for a perfect evening. The 20-course canapés were served in a non-stop, predetermined sequence while the wines were poured at designated stations.

Let us quickly share with everyone the magical and wonderful creations we enjoyed that night.

Sambal Lolli – A combination of sweet tomatoes and kaffir lime served on a multi-seed cracker. Undoubtedly brought my love for nasi lemak to a whole new level. (Ingredients: Sweet Tomatoes, Multi-seed Cracker, Kaffir Lime)

Fish & Chips Not your typical battered fish & chips. These were prepared with whipped fish mouse paired with sweet potato crunch and spring onions for added texture and flavor. (Ingredients: Whipped Fish Mouse, Sweet Potato Crunch, Spring Onions)

Chicken Char Siu This dish made with 40-layers of crispy chicken skin terrine marinated topped with sesame seeds and spring onions tasted like the best char siu we’ve had in a while and it melted away in our mouth like shaved ice. Another mind-blowing experience in our books. (Ingredients: 40-Layer Crispy Chicken Skin Terrine, Sesame Seed and Spring Onion)

Sashimi Spring Rolls Chopped sashimi seasoned with soy gelee and and spring onions wrapped in a crispy spring roll shell. The epitome of refreshing and delightful taste. (Ingredients: Chopped Sashimi with Crispy Shell, Soy Gelee and Spring Onion)


Bunga Telur Crystal Chip

A unique pairing of nori aïoli, bonito puree and yuzu served on a magical glass chip. The nori aïoli and yuzu complemented the bonito puree perfectly and the added crunch from the glass chip was simply to-die-for. (Ingredients: Nori Aioli, Bonito Puree and Yuzu)


Baked Scallop Carefully curated sweet scallops with mashed cauliflower wrapped in a toasted butter crust.(Ingredients: Sweet Scallops, Mashed Cauliflower, Toasted Butter Crust)

Mushroom Fritter Pickled mushrooms married with fresh ricotta and roast garlic. Creamy, flavourful, tasty and simply delicious. (Ingredients: Fresh Ricotta, Roast Garlic, Pickled Mushroom)

Tai Chazuke Kambu cured Japanese sea bream coupled with sour plum and kelp tea sphere for an out of this world experience of flavours coming together. (Ingredients: Kambu Cured Japanese Sea Bream, Sour Plum and Kelp Tea Sphere)


King Crab and Black Truffle Chawanmushi One of our personal favourites of the night. Steamed savoury custard with dashi, ginger and butter ankake; rich in flavour, creamy in texture, heavenly to savour. (Ingredients: Savoury Custard with Dashi, Ginger and Butter Ankake)


Popcorn Chicken A familiar taste but better. Crispy marinated chicken seasoned with sesame dust and served with a side of zucchini pickles. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. (Ingredients: Crispy Marinated Chicken, Sesame Dust, Zucchini Pickles)

Chili Chicken Satay A new take on a popular Malaysian dish finds spiced chicken, toasted coconut and lemongrass wrapped in a bright-red chili skin. (Ingredients: Spiced Chicken, Toasted Coconut, Lemongrass)

Bali Soft Tacos – A healthy but tasty taco made with homemade brown rice tortillas, braised mushrooms and chili salsa. (Ingredients: Homemade Brown Rice Tortillas, Braised Mushrooms, Chili Salsa)

Duck and Coke – Another one of our favourites. Spot on with coke’s slogan ‘Taste the Feeling’, this sweet and savoury masterpiece brings together roast foie gras and duck confit terrine with pickled mustard seed and coke-gelee. Truly a wonderful palatable experience. (Ingredients: Roast Foie Gras and Duck Confit Terrine with Pickled Mustard Seed and Coke-Gelee)

Wagyu Temari – How can the night be complete without a perfectly seared MB9 Wagyu beef sushi glazed with arima sansho soy. A great finisher and usher to welcome in the desserts. (Ingredients: Seared MB9 Wagyu Beef Sushi with Arima Sansho Soy Glaze)

If you are looking to treat yourself or loved ones to an extraordinary dining experience with great food, be sure to check out Babe to see what’s poppin’.

Address: Babe Restaurant

11th Floor, Work@Clearwater, Changkat Semantan,

Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.



Tel: +603.2095 8599


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