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Le Clairé at Union Roastery

Good News folks! I think I have a found a cure for your sweet tooth - Le Clairé at Union Roastery located at Citta Mall recently launched a new series of Mario themed pastries.

You’ve heard about delicious pastries… What about delicious and adorable? At Le Clairé you’re definitely not only looking for traditional pastries & coffee. You will be surprised for the Mario series themed pastries and you probably won’t start eating them before posting it up to your social feeds. (Trust me!)

Their pastry display was one of the most “insta-worthy” areas and one that reminds me of my childhood memories!

Le Clairé at Union  Display

Super cap (RM17.90) - lemon cream cheese mousse with strawberry confit on a lemon almond sponge cake base. This light and fluffy mousse works perfectly with the sweet strawberry sauce.

The quiz - milk chocolate mousse made with a very caramel milk chocolate with the combination of flavourful passion fruit and orange adds sweet & sour fruity notes that freshens the palate.

Super mario (RM16.90)- A caramel chocolate mousse cake with banana compote on a chocolate crunchy base. Smooth, silky and delicious!

Bob-omb (RM16.90) - Made with dark chocolate mousse, rich coffee cremeux and salted caramel on a chocolate crunchy base. The dark chocolate mousse is incredibly silky and just melts in your mouth.

The chimney(RM16.90) - the contrast between richness of the vanilla mousse and sourness of the berry jelly makes this pastry taste very unique and delicious.

Chocolate Heaven (RM23.90)

it certainly didn’t disappoint. Le Claire has mastered the perfect choux pastry, crisp on the outside, hollow and chewy in the middle. Topped with rich chocolate mousse and chocolate crumble. it is perfect for filling up with their premium chocolate ice cream within.

Everything was delicious. Be prepared to indulge yourself in these limited edition decadent treats !!

Le Clairé at Union Roastery

Address: G-11 Citta Mall, No.1 jalan pju 1a/48 (2.66 mi)Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 47301

Operation Hours: Mon - Fri 8am-11pm , Sat - Sun 10am - 11pm Public Holiday 10am - 11pm


Instagram: Website:

Contact: 012 636 0850


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