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Nuromen Café

Nuromen Café is now open in Uptown Damansara! Whether you are a beef lover or a kolo mee lover, this is definitely a ‘MUST VISIT’ café.

Nuromen café which basically translates to beef noodles café is a pork-free café that specializes in Sarawak Beef Noodles and all things beef. Having attained huge success with their first branch in Kuching, Sarawak, they’ve decided to share with their wonderful tasting beef noodles with everyone residing in the Klang Valley.

For those of you whom are new to Sarawak Beef Noodles like myself, the Sarawak Beef Noodes is actually served dry. The beef broth is separated from the well-seasoned Kolo Mee.

Unlike Taiwanese style beef noodles that many are familiar with, the broth of the Sarawak Beef Noodles is not as heavily seasoned with herbs and spices. As such, the natural sweetness and flavours of the beef is able to shine through.

Beef Noodles Special (RM11.90) – The Kolo Mee is well seasoned with garlic and is tasty

enough to be enjoyed on its own. The texture and consistency of the noodles was everything you’d expect from a good bowl of Kolo Mee.

The very nature of the beef broth/soup not being overly strong in seasoning makes it a perfect complement to the already tasty Kolo Mee. Slurping on the broth after a mouth full of noodles is simply heavenly. The soup comes complete with a generous serving of stewed beef, tripe and tendon.

Let’s not forget the chilli available as an optional pairing to spice things up a little and add a little kick to the already wonderful experience. Simply dip your stewed beef into the chilli before eating with a mouthful of noodles. You may also

opt to have a spoonful of chilli added into your noodles! The chilli is mildly spicy and has a little bit of zesty flavour to it.

During our visit, we also tried the Beef Platter Special (RM36 – 2pax)

The set comes complete with mixed vegetables, mushrooms and of course a ton of beef slices that you can savour till your hearts content. There are optional add-ons you can choose such as fried tofu skin, cheese-stuffed meatballs and yee mee (as seen in the image). The best part of it all, we get to cook all of it in the same wonderful beef soup! You can be sure that by the end of our hotpot session, the soup was extra sweet and tasty. The chilli provided with the set is slightly different from the one paired with the beef noodles. This chilli is slightly sweet and carries a fragrant sesame flavour.

UPCOMING MENU: A Japanese inspired style noodles. This is a noodle dish that comes garnished with pickled vegetables, beansprout, bonito flakes, onsen egg with an additional raw egg cracked over the top. Unlike the Kolo Mee, this dish uses a specially customized noodles that is a slightly thicker with a little more chewiness to it.

I personally really enjoyed this dish. The dish is served hot and the raw egg slowly cooks as you mix it all together. The flavours complemented one another really well. None of the flavours were overpowered the others, instead they came together perfectly to form this wonderful dish. Aside from the flavour, I really enjoyed the creaminess of the noodles which is mainly attributed to the raw egg being mixed in. Definitely something everyone should look out for once they officially launch it!

Overall, great high quality food at an affordable price in a clean and comfortable environment. Highly recommend it to all beef and Kolo Mee lovers. I’d reckon it is even worth a little travelling if you don’t stay in the area!

NEW UPDATE (25/10/2018)

Nuromen Café is having an ALL YOU CAN EAT Australian Beef (Halal) Promotion!! For only RM25/pax you can enjoy unlimited refill of high-quality Australian beef and more!

Promotion Terms & Conditions:

1. For dine in only from 6.00pm – 10.00pm. Limited to 2 hours per customer.

2. No limit on number of diners. However, no sharing is allowed & every diner on the same table is required to order the buffet. Not takeaways are allowed.

3. Each 50gm of unfinished beef & vegetables shall be charged at RM5.00.

4. Buffet is inclusive of unlimited refill of selected beef slices & vegetables only. First pot of soup is free of charge.

Additional beef soup is chargeable at RM3.00* per refill.

5. Not applicable with other promotions and discounts.

6. Nuromen Café reserves the right to change the terms & conditions without prior notice.

7. Valid until 30th November 2018 or while stocks last.


Checkout Their Menu (Non-beef options available)

Address: 28, Jalan SS 21/39, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Business Hours: 9.30am - 3.00pm; 6.00pm - 10.00pm (Close on Tuesdays)

Follow them for updates: Instagram:@nuromencafepj

Facebook: @nuromencafepj


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