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Sketchz Burger @opposite PV16 Platinum Lake Condominium

Stumbled upon a gem situated right opposite PV16 Platinum Lake Condominium, Setapak. Sketchz Burger is a burger stall that cooks up amazing beef and chicken gourmet burgers at a price point you simply cannot afford to say 'NO' to.

Choose between the basic (80gm patty) or signature option (130gm patty) based on your appetite. And choose between their homemade mushroom sauce or spicy sauce. The spicy sauce really adds a punch to the whole experience and it contains spices that really gives it a Mexican-like flavor. The mushroom sauce on the other hand is creamy and flavorful. Nevertheless, if getting 2 burgers, be sure to ask for both sauces and have them both mixed for the best experience!

We ordered a SKETCHZ Classic Beef Burger with added patty and cheese (RM14.50) and a SKETCHZ Classic Chicken Burger (RM8). While both burgers were amazing, we definitely preferred the beef burger. The patty was well composed with a good combination of meat, fats and tendons. Combined with melted cheese and a crusty bun, the following 5 minutes were some the best times of our lives as feast on these burgers.

Run by a couple young chaps, whom are passionate about their craft, Sketchz Burger uses New Zealand beef for their patties to ensure premium quality gourmet burgers. They also source their chicken from a halal certified supplier which makes their burgers friendly for all Malaysian meat lovers to enjoy.

Burger Prep-ing Process:

Instagram: @Sketchz.burger

Address: PV16 Platinum Lake Condominium, Setapak

Operation Hours: Fri & Sat only; 8pm -2am

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