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Chicken Dynamite @MyTOWN

We’ve all heard of carne asada fries (typically consists of french fries, carne asada, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese). But what happens when one decides to put a spin to things by replacing carne asada with some succulent and juicy fried chicken?

Answer: You find yourself with a mouth-watering new dish called Dynamite Chicken! Chicken Dynamite is a new concept restaurant that recently open its doors to adventurous and curious foodies in the Klang Valley.

Dynamite Chicken marries two all-time favourite fried dishes – french fries & fried chicken to bring you a new marvellous dish called Dynamite Chicken.

Nuff said, let the pictures speak!

Don’t be mistaken, this is no milkshake! Introducing to you Dynamite Chicken. Filled in the cup is fried chicken, fries and dynamite sauce. The dish is then topped with powdered Cheetos for an extra kick and sprinkled around the cup are some crispy small fries for added fun.

This is Dynamite Chicken’s signature dish which also happens to be my personal favourite. The dish is definitely a win thanks to their signature sauce which reminds me a little of Chic-Fil-A’s secret sauce. Sweet, spicy and a little tangy, you may not want your fried chicken with any other sauce from here on forth.

Of course, here at Chicken Dynamite, you’ll find more than just their signature Dynamite Chicken dish. During our visit, we had the privilege to also try their Dynamite Volcano, Chicken Spicy Plate and BBQ chicken wings.

Second on my favourites’ list is the Dynamite Volcano. Consisting also of fried chicken, fries and dynamite sauce. This version is instead topped with a thick sheet of melted mozzarella cheese before being garnished with powdered cheese and cheese sauce.

Be sure to eat it while it’s hot to really savour the flavours! (A mistake that we made as we were busy feeding our phones and cameras.) What’s great about this dish is that you don’t get the overwhelming cheese flavours that you typically get from cheap cheese sauce.

Despite being garnished with so much cheese, the cheese flavours aren’t in anyway overwhelming.

Honorary mention goes to the BBQ chicken wings and Chicken Spicy Plate meal. The BBQ flavouring was definitely to our liking whereby it was not too sweet neither did it have a pungent finish to it.

We can confidently say there’s something for everyone here as rice lovers can opt for the Chicken Spicy Plate meal. Fluffy Basmathi-like rice topped with brown sauce and complemented with coleslaw, mixed vegetables and fried chicken. How could one go wrong with that?

Items to try on our next visit: BBQ Chicken Wings, Chicken Fillet Brown Sauce, Mac & Cheese Balls. If ya’ll try ‘em do let us know your thoughts.

Here’s how you can feast on these wonderful dishes: Dynamite Chicken

Opening Hours: Daily 10am -10pm

Address : Lot B1-023, Level Basement 1, MyTOWN Shopping Centre

Facebook :

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