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Brew & Bread

Here’s one to add to your café hopping list! Situated in Ampang and Kota Kemuning is a wonderful café the serves aromatic fresh brewed coffee and scrumptious food. More than just a café, Brew & Bread is also a quality-focused boutique roaster dedicated to serving specialty grade coffee.

With variety of main course, appetisers, hot sandwiches, cakes and pastries to choose from, there’s truly something for everyone here at Brew & Bread. During our visit, we only had the opportunity to try the Chicken Roulade (RM19), Chili Crab Sandwich (RM 13), Tumeric Butter Chicken Burger (RM 24), Avocado Toast (RM 23) and Truffle Carbonara with Bacon Brisket Pasta (RM 26).

Do not be mistaken, Brew & Bread’s commitment is not limited to serving great coffee; The food here is not only affordable but also very delicious.

Of all the things we tried on the menu, the highlight for us has got to be the Chicken Roulade (RM19) and Truffle Carbonara with Bacon Brisket Pasta. The Chicken Roulade consist of chicken slices topped with caramelized onion and carrot paste. The chicken slices were tender and juicy and when combined with a slightly sweet-savoury paste, it made for a great appetizer. I too was surprised how much I enjoyed it considering chicken is my least preferred choice of meat.

Next up is the Truffle Carbonara Pasta. If you are a truffle lover, this is a MUST-TRY! The truffle oil really elevates the overall flavour of the dish while also helping to balance the overall creaminess of the carbonara sauce and egg. The larger cuts of al dente pasta does a good job in soaking up the flavours making sure every mouth is just a wonderful as the last. This was a bowl of pasta that I had no issue devouring the entire bowl on my own.

We may not be coffee experts but really enjoyed the coffee here. Personally, I prefer my coffee with a little more nutty / chocolaty flavours compared to the citrusy ones. The coffee served at Brew & Bread really captures my preference in coffee. Brew & Bread were kind enough to hook us up with some drip coffee bags to brew at home which also tasted fantastic!

Do also check out their online store where you can order coffee beans, drip bags and more and have it delivered to you!

Brew&Bread @ Wisma MCA

Opening Hours: 7am – 5pm Daily

Brew&Bread @ Kota Kemuning

Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm daily

Facebook: @Brew.n.Bread

Instagram: @brewnbread


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