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Charming Musang King Petite Dessert Box

Falling in love with this charming Musang King Petite (RM88) by .

A charming dessert box that comes with a series of dessert all paired with Musang King Durian. If you are a durian lover and looking for something fresh, sweet and classy, this is for you.

1. Cheese Tart - The definition of “a match made in heaven” certainly rings true for durian cheesecake. this Musang King durian cheese tart combines the sweetness and fragrance of the durian with the richness from cheese.

2. Profiterole - A unique durian puff filled with loads of durian in creamy texture.

3. Pandan Swiss Roll – It is soft, fluffy, spongy and delicious with nice Pandan and Musang King combination. Something unique which is rare to find.

4. Tiramisu- The creamy durian flesh is layered well in Tiramisu. We like the good ratio of sponge to cream and well-balanced durian flesh. For someone that doesn't have a sweet tooth, this tiramisu definitely is for you.

5. Mango Pudding - The pudding is fragrant, sweet and soft and as the mango topping with the Musang King Durian Flesh, perfect combo.

6. Banana Cake - Flavourful and rich Banana cake with a little durian aftertaste in every single bite.

These Petite Boxes are very presentable, instagram worthy and delicious, perfect for gifting and pampering yourself and your loved ones for a classy afternoon tea.


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