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CNY - Tao Cuisine (Intercontinental Hotel KL)

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

We were privileged to be invited to Tao Cuisine @ Intercontinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur back in December to try out their signature Chinese New Year dishes. These dishes are crafted and curated by none other than the award-winning Chef Wong Lian You and the master of dim sum, Chef Lo Tian Sion. Their wonderful dishes will surely bring abundance of joy to all who are celebrating this Chinese New Year with loved ones.

In view of the current lockdown, Tao Cuisine has prepared a special ala carte menu so that you may select specific dishes for take-away. This is to allow you and your family to enjoy these wonderful dishes in the comfort and safety of your own home. (Ala Carte / Take Away Menu)

1. Sea Grapes with Chia Seed Healthy Yee Sang

A Chinese New Year reunion meal will not be complete without some Yee Sang. With a strong emphasis on health and well-being, Tao Cuisine introduces the Sea Grapes with Chia Seeds Healthy Yee Sang (RM98 half set | RM188 Full Set). The sea grapes are not only a joy to savour but full of vitamins A and C, calcium, zinc and iron. They also contain a high level of vegetable protein per calorie and a good amount of omega3 fatty acids too.

The Chia Seeds and Sea Grapes adds a little extra crunch texture to the dish while the plum sauce is well balanced in citrus and sweetness. Nevertheless, the sea grapes once mixed into the dish can feel a tad bit underwhelming and gets covered by the other ingredients. With that in mind, we do recommend adding on some sashimi or abalone if going with the Sea Grapes option.

2.Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Morel Mushroom, Fish Maw and Sun-dried Scallop

Thick, flavourful and rich broth that brings comfort to the soul; A dish that sets the tone for the remaining dishes to come. The flavours of the soup lingers long after we are done enjoying a bowl. The flavours of the chicken, mushroom and scallops are well extracted. No hints of ‘msg’ were detected as we indulged in this wonderful dish. [Price: RM 108]

3.Roasted Hong Kong-style London Duck

Roasted and prepared using premium quality duck by Silver Hill Duck, Ireland this has got to be the best roast duck we’ve enjoyed in a long while. Free from any gammy taste, no thick layer of fats beneath the skin yet juicy and tender, this dish left us speechless. It was good enough to be enjoyed on its own without any complementing sauce. The duck was well roasted to a golden-brown consistency with a slight crisp in the skin. If you are looking for a non-conventional meat to add to your reunion meal, this should be on the top of your consideration list! [Price: RM 108 half | RM208 full]

4.Steamed King Tiger Grouper Superior Black Garlic Soya Sauce

A dish that showcases the skills and talents of any Chinese chef is the steam fish. This dish is a true testament to Chef Wong’s culinary excellence. We really enjoy how the black garlic soya sauce paired with the fresh fish. Flavourful but not overpowering to the point of eliminating the natural sweetness of the fish. It is most unfortunate that this dish is not available for take-away / delivery for obvious reasons. But if the situation does allow, we hope you too will have the chance to dine-in to enjoy this marvellous dish.

5.Deep-fried prawns with Lychee Sauce

A relatively unconventional way of serving up prawns for Chinese New Year. Chef Wong incorporates lychee sauce into this dish, and we have to say, it was a banger! Milder on the citrus and stronger in sweetness, this dish was simply delightful. Despite being deep fried, the prawns were succulent and juicy. And more importantly, the dish did not feel oily even though it has been deep fried.

This is the kind of dish that makes you wonder ‘why can’t all sweet and sour style prawns be prepared like this’. We guarantee both adults and kids will enjoy this dish. Afterall, it’s difficult to dislike anything deep fried. [Price: RM98]

6.Simmered fresh Chinese Yam with Crab Roe Gravy

A fairly new and unique dish to many of us, this dish on first impression had us thinking it was some sort of mango dessert. But in reality, this is Chinese yam drenched in crab roe gravy. Unlike potatoes, these simmered yams are crunchy and slightly sweet. Combined with a more starchy and viscous crab roe gravy, and you end up with a masterpiece of a dish.

While we’re not too sure how or where this dish will fit into your menu, our suggestion would be to have it alongside a fried rice or any other staple rice dish.

7.Truffle Sauce Fried Rice with Dried Sakura Shrimp, Crabmeat and Diced French Beans

To be honest, in most course meals, the rice dish is probably our least favourite. Perhaps because most the time we’re too full by the time we arrive at this course.

With that being said, this time round was an exception with us going back for seconds. Fluffy and fragrant rice seasoned with truffle oil and topped with dried sakura shrimp. Once again, the dish was not overly oily and was very well seasoned to our liking. It is another simple dish that showcases the Chef’s knowledge of flavours and ability to bring to life a simple dish. We definitely prefer this as a finisher over other yam rice options as it is less starchy and doesn’t leave you with a ‘jelak’ feeling. [Price: RM58]

8.Chilled Snow Bird’s Nest with Aloe Vera, Osmanthus Oolong Tea Syrup and Deep-fried Purple Sweet Potato with Ninko Ball

Just a quick mention, for desserts, we had the chilled snow bird’s nest and deep-fried sweet potato ball. A great way to end the afternoon on a sweet note. [Price: RM26 | RM18 3pcs]

In light of the current pandemic and lockdowns, Tao Cuisine wants you to still find joy in the on-coming Chinese New Year celebrations. Awarded the ‘Clean & Safe Malaysia’ Hygiene and Safety Label by Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) and Bureau Veritas, you can be sure that all food is prepare under a clean and controlled environment. And when dining-in is an option again, you can be sure that your health and safety is their priority.

For now, do browse their ala carte take away menu and follow the instructions below to place an order. Stay safe and take care!

Note: All take away items require a minimum two (2) days for processing of order.

Dine-In Set Menus (Temporarily Not Available)

  1. Best of The Orient (RM 208.80/pax)

Options: Double-boiled Abalone, Walnut and Ming Mu Yu Soup, Deep-Fried King

Tiger Grouper with Garlic Lemon Sauce and Stir-Fried Prawns with Garlic, Ginger and

Superior Soy Sauce

  1. Eastern Treasures (RM 248.80/pax)

Highlighting a traditional Chinese New Year dish enjoyed by families - Steamed Eight Treasure Glutinous Rice

  1. Opulent Prosperity (RM 298.90/pax)

One of the main highlights are the Roasted Hong Kong-style London Duck and Roast Chicken


For reservation or more information, call Food & Beverage at 03-2782 6000 or email the team at Tao Chinese Cuisine is a pork-free restaurant and is open daily


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Tao Cuisine @ Intercontinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours: Tuesdays – Saturdays (12-3pm) | Fridays – Saturdays (6-9pm)

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