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lapetite.bouchee Meat and Cheese Platter for your cheesy cravings!

@lapetite.bouchee Lapetite Bouchee offers made-to-order grazing platters with mindfully selected and curated soft & hard cheeses, cold cuts, fresh & dried fruit, gourmet crackers, wholesome dips, and nuts.

There are 4 sizes available to order: S size for 1-2 pax (RM140), M size for 2-4 pax (RM180) , L size for 5-6 pax (RM280) and X- Large size for 7-9 pax (RM340) . Meat and Cheese Platter are just perfect for every get-together occasion.

We had the M size that filled with 2 types of artisan cheeses - French Brie & Classic Gouda, accompanied with 2 types of cold cuts along with gourmet crackers, mixed nuts Olives, Spread and Garnish. The combinations were perfect which goes well with fine wine.

On the fresh fruit front, there are 3 types of fruits- Seedless Grapes, Fresh Berries & seasonal fruit. The quality of the fruit they delivered to us was outstanding.

The use of a bamboo plate for the platter was a nice touch and well presented, meaning the entire container could be recycled once we had finished.

Overall, this platter delivered exactly what was promised. We were delighted with the packaging and impressed by how gorgeous it was presented and delivered to our guests.

You can now enjoy your meat and cheese platter in the comfort of your own home.

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