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Tatsu Japanese Restaurant @ InterContinental KL

Tatsu Japanese Restaurant @ InterContinental Kuala Lumpur is a stylish restaurant serving excellent, creative and contemporary Japanese Cuisine. Recently they had launched their new menu with a wide variety of new and interesting choices.

New Style Sashimi with Yuzu Soy and Heated Sesame Oil (RM48)

One serving of the New Style Sashimi with Yuzu Soy and Heated Sesame Oil includes four slices of freshest sashimi served in individual spoons. The yuzu soy sauce and sesame oil enhance the flavors of the sashimi.

Crispy Duck Confit on Sprouts and Japanese Spinach with Sesame Vinaigrette (RM47)

The duck confit served on a bed of bean sprouts and Japanese spinach. It's delicious—tangy and refreshing

Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Chili Garlic Sauce (RM98)

One of the signature dishes from the new menu, the flour-battered deep-fried prawn were fried to perfection – a crispy golden brown with creamy sauce .

Australian Wagyu beef on heated Himalayan Rock Salt (RM420) definitely is the highlight of the night. The Wagyu beef is cooked on a pre-heated rock salt slab. The beef was almost melting in my mouth, it was tender with no dryness on the outer seared portions.

Green Tea Salt Crusted Lamb Chop (RM64)

The lamb chop is pan seared and crusted with green tea salt powder. Juicy, meaty and flavourful.

Slow-cooked Beef Short Ribs with Garlic Barbeque Sauce (RM98)

Slow cooked for 10 hours, these beef short ribs are fork-tender and delicious!

For dessert, we got this Chocolate Tart and Caramelised Yuzu (RM35) Chocolate tart infused with Yuzu and served with green tea mousse. Expect a mouthful of chocolate creamy and crunchy crust.

Tatsu Japanese Restaurant | Open for seven days a week

The restaurant serves a la carte lunch from 11:30am to 2:30pm & Dinner from 6:30pm to 10:30pm

For reservations, call Tatsu at 032782 6118

More info:

Facebook & Instagram @intercontinental.kualalumpur

Twitter @ interconkl


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