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To all Gelato Fans -- Whimsical Gelato

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Gelato fans ! 🍨

@whimsicalgelato offers a wide range of unique flavors which is unique.

For this CMCO period, these gelato comes in tubes which are quite size-able for your daily dessert fix.

RM66 for 6 tasting buds (*Premium +RM2 , Alcohol +RM3)

RM30 for 1 pint

RM40 for 2 pints

(*Premium +RM8 , Alcohol +RM12)

My personal favourite was the classic Sao Thome Dark Chocolate and Tau Foo Fa.

What’s more, no preservatives are being used and it is made of only natural ingredients which gave its original flavours come to live. These Gelato's can only be kept up to 2 weeks. Try it !

Order it at 011 5638 5399 @whimsicalgelato

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