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Tsukiji No.8

Since first opening its doors back in 2018, Tsukiji No. 8 has quickly become synonymous with quality fresh seafood amongst fellow city dwellers seeking a great Japanese dining experience.

Tsukiji No.8 treats its diners to quality fresh seafood which is air-flown on Tuesdays and Fridays every week directly from Japan. Despite being air-flown, the prices at Tsukiji No.8 remain extremely budget-friendly.

Ocean 8 is one of Tsukiji No.8’s signature sushi dishes not to be missed! Beautifully plated within a crab’s shell are 8 delightful ingredients: scallop, prawn, crab, fish, ikura, crab butter, uni (sea urchin), sushi rice and finally topped with gold flakes.

Rich, flavourful and more important delightful is how we’d describe our experience with this masterpiece. The saltiness from the popping of fresh ikura (salmon roe) in combination with a generous amount of sweet uni and topped with a huge succulent scallop is to an experience to die for.

Aside from their signature dish, the blue fin tuna sashimi is also a dish that Tsukiji No.8 is well-known for. Served in generous slices, the freshness of the sashimi is evident in both its flavour and texture. Needless to say, of the 3 cuts (Akami, Chutoro and Otoro), the Otoro slices were our favourite!

During our visit, we also had the opportunity to try out 2 seasonal dishes: flying fish sashimi topped with tobiko (flying fish roe) and ark shell clam. Both dishes were a true showcase of the sushi chef’s ability to slice and plate the dishes.

Both dishes were not just aesthetically pleasing but also extremely fresh and palatable.

Lastly, if you’ve enjoyed your meal as much as we did, be sure to also try out their chicken karaage! What’s so special about this dish? Well, first off, they’ve developed their very own unique batter recipe which has a delightful crisp and is not overly salty whilst keeping the free-range chicken extremely juicy and tender.

But perhaps more importantly, it was this dish that played a major role in helping the restaurant brace through the lockdown periods during the early phases of the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you’ve yet to make a visit to Tsukiji No.8, we highly recommend you do so! Aside from ala carte options, the restaurant also provides omakase services and even serves affordable lunch sets starting from RM30.

Due to limited sitting arrangements, diners are highly recommended to book in advance. For the best dining experience, aim to book Tuesdays or Fridays slots to enjoy freshly air-flown produce.

Tsukiji No.8

Opening Hours: Daily 11:30am–3pm, 6–10pm

Whatsapp: +60167611888 (For Reservations)


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