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YAKINIKY SIZZLE by YAKINIQUEST is a must-visit restaurant in Kuala Lumpur for amazing Japanese yakiniku. YAKINIQUEST was founded in 2014 in Boat Quay, Singapore by husband-and-wife duo Suguru Ishida and his wife, Tomoko, to showcase the highlights of their yakiniku (Japanese grilled beef) chronicles. This year, they decided to take their passion for yakiniku to the next level by setting up a restaurant in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. Diners in Kuala Lumpur will now be able to enjoy the 'sizzle' of grilled meat at the brand's new sister concept, Yakiniku Sizzle by YAKINIQUEST at LALAport KL.

The refreshing entree platter- Assorted 6 Namul

Namul is a vegetable dish seasoned with sesame oil, soy sauce, and salt. They serve unique varieties of namul like avocado, bean sprout, eggplant, daikon radish…etc. Great for a starter or freshener.

Raw beef with egg yolk The beef was extremely soft and didn't taste bloody at all. The egg yolk makes it taste rich and the sliced veggies added so much texture and freshness to the dish.

Beef Tail Soup Chawanmushi

Unlike typical chawanmushi, they use tail soup as the base of it. The rich umami flavor of bee tail and silky texture.

Classic Yakiniku Trio Platter An assorted 3 must-order portions of Japanese yakiniku.

-Negi tongue with seasoned leek. For Japanese, the tongue is always the first meat to grill. Thin slices of beef tongue, it was light and delicious. It goes very well with seasoned leek. -Wagyu Rose is a "Less fatty portion of beef". Lean and slightly firm texture, rich flavour comes out as you chew. It goes well with Tare (sauce) marinated.

- Karubi is the most popular portion of Yakiniku. It is a "fatty portion of beef' and most of the time it refers to portions near the rib. It was tender, succulent, and full of flavor. Its melts in my mouth.


This was our favorite dish. Yakisuki is a Sukiyaki-Style Yakiniku. You only need to grill these fine thin slices of wagyu for a few seconds on each side and dip the meat in the raw egg yolk and sukiyaki sauce immediately after cooking to give it that silky smooth texture.

Wagyu Aburi Sushi The wagyu sushi was of high quality and very fatty. Lightly grilled wagyu seasoned with salt, pepper, and truffle oil. just like eating toro sushi. Temaki -Hand roll sushi Shigureni

Karubi Kimchi

Black sesame ice cream. After a heavy meal, we got ice cream for dessert! They have many flavors of ice cream such as matcha, vanilla, yuzu..etc. And we chose black sesame ice cream and it is not too sweet which we loved. Overall, the food here is beyond expectation, melting in your mouth. A great variety of wagyu in different ways of cooking and seasoning. The wagyu beef was tender, succulent, and full of flavor. The service is excellent just like you are in Japan. The price is also in an acceptable range. We highly recommend this and sure will be back.

YAKINIKU SIZZLE by YAKINIQUEST Opening Hours: Lunch: 11-3pm (Last Seating 2:00pm) Dinner: 5:30-10:00pm (Last Seating 9:00pm) Open everyday. Phone: 03 9775 0029 Reservation:


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