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From fresh sushi to fiery yakiniku to carefully curated omakase, ABURII does it all superbly well! Strategically located in TTDI, ABURII is a one-stop eatery that can surely satisfy all your Japanese food cravings.

Good food aside, the overall dining experience is further enhanced thanks to its vibrant, yet cozy interior design. Not to mention, the servers at ABURII were courteous and attentive which was a definite cherry on the cake for us.

For those who plan to make a visit with friends and family, you’ll be pleased to know that they’ve also got private rooms available for booking!

Looks can be deceiving! What looks like a chocolate chip cookie is in fact a charcoal fried chicken. This dish was probably the one that surprised us the most because we weren’t expecting much from fried chicken.

But boy was we wrong! This dish ended up as one of our favorites of the night. The chicken was tasty (some may find it too salty), juicy and slightly spicy! The skin had a nice crunch while effectively retaining all the yummy juices on the inside.

We also had the opportunity to enjoy some ‘raw’ offerings. First up was the sugar daddy cone which is like beef tartar creatively presented and served in a mini cone. Up next were the salmon-wrapped garlic chips drenched in a light truffle soba sauce.

It isn’t a real ABURII experience without some flame-seared dishes. The tiger prawn topped with flying fish roe and garlic sauce and the cheesy scallop was simply delightful. Both dishes are extremely creamy and rich in flavor.

As we ended off the night, we enjoy 2 bowls of heartwarming soups. Both the wagyu and bluefin tuna soup have been boiled for over 3 hours and lightly seasoned to bring out the essence. Do note that the bluefin tuna soup does carry a relatively strong yuzu flavor if you are looking to order this dish.

As for our finale, we enjoyed a variety of A5 Wagyu that were seasoned in several different ways. Our favourite of them all has to be the Zabuton seasoned with kombu salt. The kombu salt does a marvelous job of enhancing the natural beef flavors.


Operating Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 6pm – 11pm | Satuday – Sunday: 12pm – 2.30pm; 6pm – 11pm | Closed on Mondays.

Reservations: Book a slot | +601 0910 0267

Socials: Instagram | Facebook



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